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About Us

Giving shape to our clients’ wishes.
Weare committed to “empathy strategy” to help you succeed.

OKTerrabyte is a company that uses its wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients solve problems and achieve their goals from their perspective.


Offline media (TV, radio, newspaper)

We offer a full range of services from creative advertising production to media planning, utilizing traditional media such as television, radio, and newspapers.

● Media planning
● Media buying
● Material production

Online media

We will develop strategies that emphasize real-time communication with users, such as web ad optimization, media tie-ups, and collaborations with popular influencers.

● Web advertising (listing/display/SNS/affiliate)
● Media tie-ups
● Influencers
● SNS operation

E-Commerce Consulting

We provide a series of support from strategic planning to implementation for clients looking to expand their business online.

●Planning/Development/Manufacturing  ●Branding/Concept ●Creative production ●Operation of large malls such as Rakuten, Amazon, Qoo10, etc. (production/operation agency/analysis) ●Customer attraction ●Web promotion/PR ●SEO measures ●CRM/LTV ●Cost reduction ●Fulfillment (call center/inventory management/shipping/warehouse)


Consultation, quotation, etc, Please feel free to contact us.